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‘How to Help Anna!’ Ideas ☺

(Believe you me, she needs it!¹)

NEW Ideas!

  • Quote me! Just link back to! (Win-win, baby!)
  • Do you have a graphic or photo or graphoto that would compliment a blog? Sent it to me to use au gratis and I'll link it back to your site, and/or give credit if you don't have a website or if the site is restricted -->. (Some restrictions apply! Nothing illegal, no porn, and whatever else I don't like.)

The Oldies But Still Goodies Ideas:

  1. Facebook (preview):
  2. Follow me on Twitter: (Say ‘Hi!’)
  3. Share (& recommend!) to Google+
  4. Okay, fine, let’s just say, Share (& recommend!) to all your social media sites. Remember, Pinterest.
  5. Subscribe to (I'm a dating guru! Who knew?)
  6. Def definitely subscribe to my blogs!
  7. Def def definitely subscribe to my book updates!
  8. Um, Buy Book Now!!
  9. Share the Buy Book link so others can, too ☺
  10. Send good chocolate! My favourites: Alter Eco (Fair Trade and Reforesting the Fricken Amazon!); Giddy Yoyo (Canadian company, eh) and Francois Pralus, Le 100% Criollo (from France, so shoot me.)
  11. Talk about me behind my back (do this a lot, please.) Email friends!
  12. Comment on a blog posts. It doesn’t even have to be kind!  Nice or nasty, give it to me, baby. (Mind out of gutter. Some restrictions apply. I decide.)
  13. Oh, oh, good one: post my Twitter handle (@annamadeitme) to the following celebrity Tweeters (if lots of people do it they might pay attention!): @TuckerMax @JennyMcCarthy @JimCarrey @ChelseaHandler @RobDelaney (Hmm, On 2nd Thought: maybe this is a bit aggressive, okay, only do this if you personally know any of these folks and I won’t get sued. Hashtag anus protectus.)
  14. Also, do this for Facebook if you know where to find them. (Refer to above: On 2nd Thought!)
  15. If you know The Gerry (Gerard Butler) please refer him to this site. That is all. (This helps me by giving me writing material, silly. Sheesh.) Or send him to the coffee shop. Tell him to bring chocolate. (#10.)

Bonus points:

  • Subscribe to my elephant journal posts!
  • Donate via PayPal Yes, actually, I am serious. I write because I love it and I write because I love making people laugh or smile or think or once in awhile even take action, as in: inspire! At the same time, I still kind of like to eat, so if you feel so inclined and if you can afford it and if you think a particular article warrants it, please feel free to share your appreciation via doll-hairs. (Actually, it's Paypal, but this is already awkward.) You'll be asked for your name but you can opt for anonymous if you so choose, I think. I will love you, either way! (Note: I love you just for reading my ramblings, so really there's no lose in this equation.) Also, I will thank you now--THANK YOU!!!--so you don't have to worry about me outing you in public etc. xoxo :))